The Boys and Girls Club offers high quality after-school and evening programming to children and youth for as low as $1.25 per day. 
Keeping program fees minimal to all members means that we rely heavily on external funding and support to sustain the programs we offer.

The average cost of running an after-school or evening program is $800 per session or $80 per day. Program fees range from $25 - $60 per program, leaving approximately 75% of total program costs relying on the generous contributions from supporters like you.
Not only do after-school and evening programs offer children and youth a safe and supportive place to go, they offer them the opportunity to explore different activities and develop passions.

“Attending the Photography program allowed me to meet Covey Moore, who inspired me to pursue an education in photojournalism.” – Zach, Age 17

Adopt-a-Program today for $800
By choosing to Adopt-a-Program you are choosing to support children and youth. You are choosing to enhance the development and growth of the over 600 members we serve. 

When you Adopt-a-Program you will also receive:
• A certificate of appreciation to display in your business or headquarters
• Monthly updates on the adopted program outlining successes and highlights
• Charitable Tax Receipt

For more information on Adopt-a-Program, contact:
Densia Sanness @ or call 403-948-3331.

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