The Club (Grades 1-5)(Ages 6-10)

The Club (Grades 1-5)(Ages 6-10)

Our Club location at 1003 Allen Street offers a wide range of programming to meet the interests of our members. 

The programs at The Club offer unique opportunities for development of self esteem, new skills, making new friends and discovering interests.

 We offer both after school and evening programs as well as Professional Development Day registration.   

We would like to express our gratitude to Presidents Choice for their support in offering cooking related programming for our Club children. With the support of Presidents Choice we have been able to increase the amount of fresh foods and the quality of our healthy choices and nutrition based programming. 

The Presidents Choice grant has been a huge asset to our children’s cooking program and we are extremely grateful for the life skills and sustainability that it assists us to provide for our children. Their future’s are brighter with the healthy, simple meals and snacks they have learned to make and the ownership that they gain over the kitchen through accessing our program. 

Thank you, Presidents Choice!       

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1003 Allen Street

Airdrie AB

T4B 1B3

403-948-7782  Please contact this number for program absences 

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