Education and Employment Programs

Education and Employment Programs

Raise the Grade

With the support of the Raise the Grade Youth Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada delivers a multi-faceted education program called Raise the Grade, , aimed at increasing academic skills, high school graduation rates and access to post-secondary education for at-risk youth from a select group of Boys and Girls Clubs across the country.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Airdrie is pleased and proud to be part of Raise the Grade. The program gives youth the tools and opportunities to excel in school and go on to become successful and independent. Young people can explore their personal interests and connect with mentors, tutors and friends while enhancing their digital literacy through this after-school program.

Raise the Grade technology centre provides a designated space with access to high-speed Internet and up-to-date computers in order to support learning. A positive, collaborative environment helps youth feel comfortable and engaged and is reserved for Raise the Grade participants at specific times during the week. Outside of the program hours, the Raise the Grade technology centre is open to all Club members. For more information on Raise the Grade contact Cheryl Cresine at 403-948-3331 or

For additional information, please visit the link below:

Raise the Grade Website

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Power Up!

Power Up! is an academic support program that helps kids aged 6 to 12 develop positive study habits and practices at school, and encourages a life-long interest in learning. Participants are given the tools and environment necessary to set and plan for academic goals, and are helped along the way by tutors and mentors. The goal of this program is to help your children get help with any homework, at home reading, one to one tutoring for any subject needed and embrace learning beginning at a young age! We offer fun learning activities that will give your child the opportunity to learn but most importantly have fun!
For more information on this program, please contact Cheryl Cresine, Manager of Youth Education & Employment Services at 403.948.3331 or

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Raise Em Up!

Raise ‘Em Up! is a youth education and skill building initiative focused on increasing academic skill, life skills and leadership development. The Raise ‘Em Up! program offers youth ages 12-24 support as they transition from their early academic lives into adulthood. 
Due to the large spread of ages that Raise ‘Em Up! services, the program is broken into three age appropriate categories and is administered by a Youth Education Coach. Our Youth Education Coach attends onsite school visits and facilitates fluidly with teachers and administrators to accommodate academic and skill building support for students. The Youth Education Coach works with a series of workshops called Real Life 101 which covers the three outlined age appropriate categories of life skills. All the workshops are flexible and can be used together or individually in large or small group settings or in one on one meetings with the kids.
 Below is a quick overview of the life skills the Raise ‘Em Up! program covers via the Real Life 101 workshop series:
• Grade 7-8 (Your Future Begins!) focused on academics, interpersonal and transferable skill development, self discovery and community involvement.
• Grade 9-12 (Plan Your Future!) focused on academics, pre employability skills and financial literacy.
• Grade 12+ (Your Future is Here!) focused on personal and financial management and healthy life choice transitioning into adulthood. 

For more information on this program, please contact Cheryl Cresine, Manager of Youth Education and Employment Services by email at or phone 403.948.3331.

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Skilled4Success-Skilled Trades

Skilled4Success-Skilled Trades provides youth age 13-18 with access to reliable information about the skilled trades, provincially regulated apprenticeship programs, and career planning. 

The program offers job skills training, networking opportunities with skilled trades professionals, and a chance to job-shadow at a Kal Tire store. 

While there is a focus on skilled trades, Skilled4Success-Skilled Trades is designed to introduce youth to general skills that can be applied in any career, no matter what sector it is in.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Cresine, Manager of Youth Education and Employment Services at or 403.948.3331.

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The Skilled4Success Hospitality program is a pre-employment program aimed at assisting youth to develop the skills and competencies needed to work in the hospitality industry. This program aims to help youth who complete the certificate program to increase their chances of success when seeking employment in hospitality. This focused pre-employment program provides youth age 13-18 with an understanding of the hospitality workplace and employer expectations, job search techniques and employment options in the sector (with a particular focus on the restaurant industry). In addition to interactive activities the program also aims to connect youth to local CARA restaurants for potential learning and employment opportunities. For more information, please contact Cheryl Cresine, Manager of Youth Education and Employment Services at or 403.948.3331. 

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