Pink Shirt Day 2018

Pink Shirt Day 2018

The idea of Pink Shirt Day started when “David Shepherd, Travis Price, and their teenage friends organized a    high-school protest to wear pink in sympathy with a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied for wearing pink. Mr. Shepherd and some others headed to a discount store and bought 50 pink shirts. They sent out a message to schoolmates that night, and the next morning they hauled the shirts to school. As they stood in the foyer handing out the shirts, the bullied boy walked in. His face spoke volumes. "It looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders." Mr. Price recalled. This group of young people took a stand against bullying by protesting against the harassment of the new Grade 9 student by wearing and distributing pink shirts in their school.

Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie is proud to support Pink Shirt Day and take a stand against bullying!

Pink Shirt Day is February 28th, 2018 and we are selling pink Pink Shirt Day bracelets for the 2018 campaign! They come in youth or adult size and are $2.50 each. Click here for the order form! Contact Jessica at 403-948-3331 for more info on buying a bracelet or two or selling our famous Paper Pink Shirts in your place of business.

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